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Gorgeous” - jilbean3’s lovely cat Piper!

 (c) 2005 jilbean3

Congratulations to the lovely jilbean3, reigning Master Tour Guide, for her “Favorite Cat Pictures” journey!

[Note: Currently you can only use BreadKrumbs on Flickr, the photo sharing site.  This will be changing rapidly in the near future.]

“BreadKrumbs? We don’t need no steenkin’ BreadKrumbs!”

“Angry Buttercup Photo” (c) 2005 - SquirrelHugger

BreadKrumbs are a new way to surf the World Wide Web.  In fact, BreadKrumbs changes the World Wide Web into the World Wide SuperHighway!  With BreadKrumbs you can:

  • Create your own journeys through the web that others can follow and share.
  • Organize your web travels by subject and date/time.
  • Follow journeys created by others and share in their cyber-experience. These journeys can be informational or emotional, spanning pages of mostly text or pages containing pictures, audio, or video.
  • Find your friends or make new friends in real-time, no matter where they are on the web (but only if they want you to).

In short, BreadKrumbs Allow You To Personalize The Web!

Some simple questions and answers about BreadKrumbs:

Q: Do I need to install a toolbar or ActiveX control?

A: No!  All you have to do is is add our bookmarklet to your browser.  There is no risk of infection from Spyware or Adware like there is with a toolbar or ActiveX control.

Q: Suppose I don’t want to leave a BreadKrumb and have people know where I visited the web?

A: If you don’t click on our bookmarklet you don’t leave a BreadKrumb! You are in complete control of your journey. In fact, even after you leave a BreadKrumb as soon as you leave or refresh that web page, our BreadKrumb technology is completely gone from your browser until you click the bookmarklet again!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Nothing. Currently you have to be a Flickr user, but a Flickr account is free and you really should have one anyways! Even if you are not a photographer there are far too many moving and hilarious pictures for you to miss out on!

Q: How can I tell if the force of gravity is working properly?

A: If your cat is doing this, it’s a bad sign!

"Flying Calico Cat" photo is (c) 2005 - junku

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