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Bookmarklet For Windows XP


Bookmarklet For IE on XP Home or Pro


    • Hold the “Ctrl” key down and press the letter “D” (Ctrl-D).  You will see a new bookmark in your Favorites list titled “BREADKRUMBS” (Make sure your Favorites list is showing!).
    • Right-click the mouse directly on the new bookmark. You will get a pop-up menu.
    • Click on the menu option that says “Properties”.
    • The first edit box is titled “URL”. The contents of that box should already be highlighted for overwriting. If not, delete the current contents of the edit box.
    • Hold the “Ctrl” key down and click the letter “V” (Ctrl-V)
    • You should now see a line that starts with “javascript:”. You will have to scroll the contents of the edit box left to see it
    • Click the Ok button.
    • if you get a dialog box saying ‘The protocol “javascript”does not have a registered program. Do you want to keep this target anyway?’  Click Yes.
    • Done!  That was easy wasn’t it?  You should move the bookmarklet to some place in your Favorites list where you will have quick & easy access to it.

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