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FireFox And Cookies


FireFox And Cookies

To make sure BreadKrumbs can add cookies, do the following:

  • Sign out of BreadKrumbs using the Sign out link.
  • Clear your file cache and clear all cookies (important!)
  • Close all Firefox windows including the Download window and reload FireFox.
  • On the FireFox menu click on TOOLS
  • Click on OPTIONS
  • Click PRIVACY (if it is not already selected)
  • Under COOKIES click the EXCEPTIONS button. (Use the little Ď+í sign to show the COOKIES pagelet if itís not already visible).
  • In the box labeled Web site address type
  • Then click ALLOW
  • Click OK to exit the OPTIONS window.
  • Click OK to be finished.

Now try adding a BreadKrumb. If you still have problems, visit the BreadKrumbs Flickr Group! (Visit anyways on post a photo!)



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