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Flickr Blogs Tool


Flickr Blogs Tool

BreadKrumbs is also a Flickr Bloggerís Best Friend!  You no longer have to remember to add your blog tag to every picture you blog, BreadKrumbs will do it automatically for you.

Letís get started!

  • Go to a Flickr photo page where you can leave comments.  You will see the familiar comment box like this.
  • Click on the BREADKRUMBS bookmarklet now. After a few seconds you will see the comment box change to yellow.  Also, a new box will appear above the comment box, with a small button titled New Journey

The blue box above the comment box is the blog selection box. It will contain all the blogs that you currently have configured to use with your Flickr account.  You can use the one that is shown, or click on the down arrow to see the complete list of your blogs, and choose a different. In my case, it is showing my satire blog, The Flickr Bunion Report.

  • You donít have to add a comment, but we will just to demonstrate

    We are done so we click the Post Comment button.

A new browser window appears, showing you the familiar Flickr Blog This photo screen. At this point we would enter our blog post and click the Post Entry button.

Go ahead and do so and then close the browser window to view the original photo page again.

  • Hereís the fun part.  While we entering our new blog post, the BreadKrumbs blogging tool automatically posted our comment and added our blog tag which says ďI have added this photo to my blog, The Flickr BunionĒ. The blog tag already has a link to my blog.  I didnít have to do any of that work!

    Note: As you can see, the blog tag also has a BreadKrumbs Breadbar appended to it.  You can choose not to have a Breadbar if you like by configuring your blog on the Journey Details page.  But remember, the Breadbar is a great way to show people what kind of photos they can expect to see on your blog which will motivate them to visit your blog.  It also allows you to automatically build a gallery of the photos you have blogged.

     Important!: The Blog Tag shown here is the one I have created. You can change it to anything you like. You can add more links, a graphic, etc.; whatever you desire, just by configuring the Blog Tag at the Journey Details page. But please be considerate of the owner of the photo page! What you consider reasonable they might consider graffiti and cause them to delete your comment and blog tag!

Show me how to configure my blog and my Blog Tag

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