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Making Maps

Making Maps With eGoWalk

You donít have to do anything to make a map with eGoWalk.  At the bottom of this page is a link that will take you straight to your map of contacts.  But there are some things you should know.  To be seen on the map a Flickr contact must meet these two conditions:

  • The Flickr contact must live in the United States
  • They must have put their location in their profile

The first time you generate a map
there may be a long delay if you have a lot of contacts!

This is because we have to retrieve the profile for each of the contacts the first time. After the first time, generating a map will take a lot less time.  So after you click the link to show you your map, please be patient for a while before giving up and closing your web browser, or moving to a different page. We will be adding support for Canada in the near future.  As soon as Yahoo! adds support for Europe and the rest of the world, we will follow suit.

Show Me My Map!

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