Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Knowledge Is In The Connections

We tend to think of knowledge like data. That it is stored in a fixed place, static. The technical part of is the aggregation of services, also known as , to create larger more synergistic uses of information. But there is a human side to Web 2.0 too. That side is changing not only the way we look at , but the way we look at the web from both a technical and a marketing side.

Lee Odden, in his entertaining and informative Online Marketing Blog, has a recent article titled Marketing With Social Media. The article is targeted towards people looking to market their web sites or products on the Internet. But it reveals an interesting change in how we are beginning to view knowledge on the web; that the knowledge living on the web is not in any single fixed database or web page. But that the richer more powerful information is stored in the connections between people. By tapping into the areas of where the connections between people are tightly bound, your message will become part of the knowledge network much faster and in deeper and more interesting ways. The article tops off with a list of resources you can use in your own research into the that bind us all now.

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