Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogger Upgrade : Google's Secret Knowledge Platform?

TechCrunch has a new article on upcoming improvements in Blogger. Blogger is the hugely popular blogging service owned by Google. The article mentions new features designed to make Blogger posts integrate more easily with the Blogosphere; especially the new tagging features.

The article specifically highlights the integration of Blogger blogs with Google Accounts, which would allow Google to leverage it's other high power web services with the Blogger platform. This is pure speculation, but I wonder if this is a glimpse into Google's grand plan? Through it's search engine along it is already a massive focal point in the knowledge management universe known as the Internet. With Blogger, Google is promoting the easy creation of content for that universe, and bringing in as many citizens as it can into its topically organized web services that include: Google Maps, Calendar, GMail, and many others. Is Google arranging the scaffolding and infrastructure of a high level idea and thought factory that will change the way all of us create and share information? Only time will tell.

Editor's note: TechCrunch references the original "new Blogger" article by the Google Operating System blog. If you want a good rundown of what's new in Blogger beta, read that article.

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