Monday, August 28, 2006

The IllumiBloggerati

While surfing for interesting blog posts I stumbled on to a short post on Robert Scoble's blog that had a large flock of the web's star technology bloggers and content creators in the comment stream. Heavyweights like Matt Cutts of Google, of course blog owner Robert Scoble the notable ex-Microsoft star was there, Dave Winer another powerful force in the tech infosphere and others. People whose daily job is to affect both the way knowledge is managed and also creating and transmitting that knowledge too. I felt like I had crashed a private party between these tech elite as they conversed between each others and with visitors to the comment stream. Surprisingly, I was not ejected from the comment stream, despite the fact I ate all the marinated shrimp and insisted on doing the Numa Numa dance for everone.

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