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Using BreadKrumbs


Using BreadKrumbs

Whenever you see a comment on Flickr that has this at the bottom of it:

You are looking at a BreadKrumb and what you see here is the BreadKrumb navigation bar which is called the BreadBar.  Here is a breakdown of each part of the BreadBar.

  • - This is the name of the Journey the BreadKrumb is part of, since a BreadKrumb is one step of many in a Journey. Clicking on the journey name, which in this example is Pleo pictures, takes you to a web page that gives you details about this journey.
  •  - The view photo button. When you reach a BreadKrumb on a photo page that has a lot of comments, this button will take you to the top of the page so you can quickly see the photo. Click the Back button on your browser to return to the BreadKrumb.
  •  - The previous BreadKrumb button. This button will take you to the BreadKrumb that is just before the one you are on for the current journey.  That is, the previous step on the trail.
  •  - The next BreadKrumb button. This button will take you to the BreadKrumb that is just after the one you are on for the current journey. That is, the next step on the trail.
  •  - The button with our icon on it takes you to BreadKrumbs Central, the heart of our web site. BreadKrumbs Central is a great place to find out the latest news and features on BreadKrumbs, connect with friends & contacts, and to get help when you need it.
  •  - In the future, this little link will take you to a real time map that will show you how people are moving about the BreadKrumb Universe in real time. There will also be a suite of fun location based games.  But those features arenít ready yet.

Thatís all there is to the BreadBar and navigating the web with BreadKrumbs!  The BreadBar is small but itís mighty!


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