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Creating BreadKrumbs


Creating BreadKrumbs

Creating BreadKrumbs is very, very easy. This tiny tutorial will show you how to create a BreadKrumb and how to create a new Journey name.  Please remember, you donít have to create a new Journey name to create a BreadKrumb.

Letís get started!

  • Go to a Flickr photo page where you can leave comments.  You will see the familiar comment box like this.
  • Click on the BREADKRUMBS bookmarklet now. After a few seconds you will see the comment box change to yellow. Also, a new box will appear above the comment box, with a small button titled NewJourney.

The blue box above the comment box is the Journey Selection box. In this example, it is showing Walkabout, the default journey name.  Once you have created your own journey names, you will be able to select them from this box using the small down arrow that is next to the New Journey button. You donít have to create your own journey names, but this tiny tutorial shows you how.  We will create a new journey name now.

  • Clicking on the New Journey button hides the blue Journey Selection box and the yellow Comment box, and shows you the Journey Name and Journey Description edit boxes. These boxes are salmon colored.  We will enter a journey name and descripton now.
  • We have named our journey Beautiful Dragonfly Macros and given it the description ďMy favorite dragonfly close-up shotsĒ. We click the Save button to save our new journey now.

    [Note: It is a good idea to give your journeys informative descriptive names that will attract travelers to your journeys.]
  • Our new journey name now appears in the Journey Selection box as the selected journey.  It will always be there for us from here on. Now letís add a comment.
  • We are done so we click the Post Comment button.
  • Shown below is how our BreadKrumb looks now that we have posted it.  It looks like a standard Flickr comment, except below it is the BreadKrumbs BreadBar.  The BreadBar tells travelers that they are on the Beautiful Dragonfly Journey and gives them a wealth of navigation and feature buttons below it.

    Thatís all there is to it! Usually you will not be adding a new journey name so in most cases all you ever have to do is click the BREADKRUMBS bookmarklet and just enter a comment!

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Tell me about the BreadKrumbs BreadBar


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