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Journey Editing & Blog Configuration


Journey Editing & Blog Configuration

The Journey Details page shows you general information about a particular journey.  It also is the gateway to editing a journey or configuring your blog tag and description.

At the bottom of the Journey Details page is a link in the lower right hand corner that says “author edit”. If you are the owner of the journey you can click this link to edit the journey.

 Note to Flickr Bloggers: you will have one journey created for you automatically for each of your blogs.  It is probably easiest to think of them as blog configurations, although they do have all the functionality of a regular BreadKrumbs journey.

Here are notes on each of the fields:

  • Title - This is the title of the journey. For blogs it is the title of your blog as it appears on your blog page.
  • Description - The journey’s description.  You should enter an informative interesting description that will motivate people to visit your journey or blog.
  • Footer/Signature - This is a small bit of text or HTML that will be appended to every comment you make on this journey. You don’t have to have one if don’t want it.

    Note to Flickr Bloggers: This is where you enter your Blog Tag.  It can contain a simple thank you, a link to your blog, a blog signature “graphic”, whatever you like.  Please be considerate of the owner of the photo page!

  • Suppress Breadbar - Check this box if you don’t want a BreadBar to appear with your blog notifications.

    This is only for Flickr Blogger Blog Journeys!  If you are building a regular journey and you suppress the
    Breadbar, your visitors will have no way to follow your journey!

    Note to Flickr Bloggers: This is where you can choose to eliminate the BreadKrumbs Breadbar from your blog notifications.  But remember, the Breadbar is a great way to show people what kind of photos they can expect to see on your blog which will motivate them to visit your blog.  It also allows you to automatically build a gallery of the photos you have blogged. Please remember to add the Blog Tool Snippet to your blog’s side-panel!

Remember to press the Save Changes button when you are done editing your Journey/Blog Configuration!


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