Sunday, November 12, 2006

Web 3.0 - In The Beginning

This blog has now changed from the previous title and focus of Knowledge Management to it's new title, Web 3.0.

Web 3.0. Buzzword? A new term to launch the next wave of investor financed startups that don't have a viable business plan? Or is it the "next big thing" we have all been waiting for. We barely had a chance to sit down, savor, and sift through the meaning and madness of Web 2.0 and now Web 3.0 is upon us.

Am I skeptical? You bet. But I'm also hopeful. I've been in the artificial intelligence area for decades now, and watched with great expectation the many hopeful technologies that offered such great promise, but either died with a whimper if they succeeded, did so in a relatively tame incarnation (tame, yet important) .

There is a difference this time. Several core technologies are coming on board to liberate the solving of the problem from the secret dens of I.Q. warehouses like Google and IBM, to the dorm rooms and garages of bright undercapitalized inventors and entrepreneurs. Bold new web services like Amazon's S3 Storage services and their Elastic Computing Cloud, which allow anyone access to a Leviathan network of computing power and storage. On the software side the Open Source movement is stronger than ever with hugely powerful software packages previously only available to well financed companies, in the hands of budding young programmers world wide.

I won't list the many other power shifts in knowledge computing and the companies behind them in this post. But I will be covering them in the posts to come. Stay tuned. This is either going to be a wild ride into a brighter future, or a hilarious episode on The Daily Show 2010 in the making.

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