Friday, November 17, 2006

Web 3.0 - Amazon Leading The Charge

In the Novemeber 14, 2006 blog post on the Amazon Web Services Blog, Jinesh talks about the accomplishments of Enomaly who have installed a Windows 2003 server instance on the Amazon Elastic Cloud using the open source processor emulator software QEMU. As I mentioned in my last post, Amazon is positioning itself to be one of the critical components of Web 3.0. Web 3.0 applications will require additional computing power far beyond that of serving up static web pages or database lookups. To handle a blizzard of realtime user queries that will utilize CPU heavy technologies such as natural language parsing, adaptive data mining, and other Web 3.0 techniques, a cluster of high performance computers will be necessary.

Now of course, there are many companies that have such clusters available to them internally. However, for the Web 3.0 movement to explode it will be necessary to make such large scale computing power available to the much larger community of small developers. With innovators like Amazon eliminating the need for a powerful computing cluster to be in-house, a critical obstacle to wide-spread innovation is removed from the small developer's path. In the end, the dorm room and the garage can become viable playing fields for fresh new Web 3.0 solutions and innovation.

In the near future, the Internet giants will make web services available that can be used as the underpinnings for Web 3.0 applications. As an example, companies like Amazon, Yahoo, Google, IBM and may soon offer natural language parsing as a web service in the same way that Google currently offers machine translation. Once we see advanced technologies such as that turned into readily available web services, coupled with the widespread adoption of remote computing cluster resources like Amazon's Elastic Cloud, the Web 3.0 movement can move from the pundit's pulpit into the life of the average Internet user. The use of QEMU by Enomaly's is further proof that Open Source software will be a powerful driving force in the creation of Web 3.0 applications.

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