Friday, November 04, 2005

CRM and Artificial Intelligence

During a recent Google search I found an old article from May 2002 on the CRM Daily web site regarding CRM and artificial intelligence. The article indicated that the use of artificial intelligence and data mining techniques were in the embryonic stage at that time. I did some follow up searches using the keyword "2005" to refine the search to more modern articles. To my surprise I was not flooded with a search results as I expected. Seeing as CRM data is nearly perfect for data mining operations I have to believe that it's because:

A) I just am not looking hard enough
B) Companies are keeping it tightly under wraps

I would be astonished if organizations like did not have at least a small army of consultants or in-house programmer groups frantically trying to apply the latest AI based data mining techniques to their vast stores of data.

If any of you out there have real factual case studies of any CRM projects using artificial intelligence (not rumours), please leave a comment with a link. My interest in CRM has been growing since I came across the CRM Handbook Book Review and became interested in it.

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